Anthony Caro

New Sculptures

Annely Juda Fine Art

1998   |  245 × 220mm   |  144pp


In the studio. This the first of seven Caro catalogues designed for Annely Juda Fine Art before the sculptor's death in 2013. One of the pleasures of working for dealers selling contemporary art is the opportunity to visit artists in their studios. Caro worked in his for more than forty years. Alastair Sooke describes it well:

'Walking through Anthony Caro's studio is a risky business. Jagged scrap metal crowds the converted piano factory in Camden Town, north London … Sharp, perilous tools are everywhere: drill bits, die-grinders, hulking saws and high-pressure oxyacetylene tanks scattered among the girders, metal tubes and sheets. Assistants in orange jumpsuits busily bolt and weld all this raw material together. Plumes of white sparks sporadically spurt out, threatening to burn your laces. It's hard to talk above the cacophonous wail of metal cutting metal, as though the studio is haunted by a malevolent banshee. This is a workshop of furious activity. "I can't think of my studio as a shrine; I only think of it as a working place," says Caro, a surprisingly dapper Vulcan presiding over his otherwise dirty forge, dressed in a dove-blue turtleneck, tweed jacket and burgundy brogues.'