Expanding Horizons

Giovanni Battista Lusieri and the Panoramic Landscape

National Galleries of Scotland

2012   |  240 × 295mm   |  236pp


Wide-screen. Lusieri is a little-known artist, but the review in The Burlington Magazine saw the point of this show: ‘It is rare to find projects that combine all the ingredients that should create the ideal exhibition: striking works of art, intelligent scholarship, a stimulating and balanced choice of objects and a stunning installation. But, this exhibition is, quite simply, perfect.'

Form follows content. The heart of the exhibition were a series of panoramic watercolour views, the largest – from the Getty Museum in Los Angeles – nearly three metres wide. The landscape format of the book was determined by the largest size that could be bound by machine. Additionally, fold outs were used to achieve the maximum width of image. The type? A neoclassical cocktail of Bodoni, Didot and Fleischman