The 16th & 17th Century Miniatures in the Collection of Her Majesty The Queen

The Royal Collection

1999   |  300 × 245mm   |  320pp


Wet to the Bone. This catalogue was the culmination of twenty-five years research by the octogenarian author, Graham Reynolds, and a grand reception was held at Windsor Castle to launch the book. I planned to take the train from Waterloo after visiting Purdy Hicks Gallery, a longstanding client (q.v.), at Bankside. Half way across Blackfriars Bridge the heavens opened, my umbrella was blown inside out in a sudden squall, and I was soaked to the skin. Two hours later I was due to line up and meet The Prince of Wales. There was nothing for it but to run to the Gallery through the deluge. I explained my predicament and was ushered to the basement. Stripped off to my underwear, with the aid of two blow heaters I attempted to dry my suit. I got to the launch, damp but just-about presentable, with only a slight squelching sound coming from my shoes.